About Us - Leading Edge Grooming Academy

Leading Edge Dog Show Academy is pleased to announce its expansion and launch of its new school: Leading Edge Grooming Academy!

Leading Edge Grooming Academy is focused exclusively on helping pet parents and salon groomers with the techniques and tools needed to groom your pets. Whether you are a novice pet parent or a competitive salon groomer you will learn from our in-depth tutorials!

Our courses feature grooming techniques such as bathing, drying, brushing, trimming and breed-specific grooming. As a student, you will learn how to properly use grooming tools and products, and much more.

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Meet Your Expert Instructor - Allison Alexander

Allison Alexander has been involved in the sport of purebred dogs nearly her entire life. In 1987 she became a Professional Dog Handler and throughout her career won more than any other woman in Canada - more than 750 ‘Best in Show’ awards!

Allison has handled and groomed all breeds of dogs at some of the most prestigious competitions, worldwide. Allison has also had much success as a mentor to many dog groomers and handlers. In 2017, Allison founded the world’s first complete online school for dog handling, grooming and training - ‘Leading Edge Dog Show Academy’ which has thousands of successful students from around the world. Today, Allison and her expert instructors bring you world-class grooming instruction to help you groom your pets at-home, or as a salon professional.